... and to the website of Riverside Court apartments in the World Heritage village of Saltaire in West Yorkshire.



Riverside Court is a Grade 2 Listed Building. Today it consists of 97 apartments with gardens and parking but formerly it was one productive part of the massive Victorian manufacturing complex that is Salts Mill.


This website is designed for residents and especially for new residents who can download their Welcome Pack from THE RC LIBRARY [1-1] - instructions below.


But the site also aims to support existing residents by being an accessible location for information about their home.


Those considering living here are also welcome. This website will brief you on stuff that property agents don't have time to mention... but which are important!


Visitors to Saltaire: you'll discover here that Saltaire is beautiful as well as historically fascinating - and that the natives are friendly!




We are the leaseholders, the owners, of Riverside Court's 97 apartments. We are also the 97 shareholders in Riverside Court (Saltaire) Management Company Ltd.


The development is maintained by the leaseholders through the Company.


Our Company also owns the freehold of Riverside Court and employs a managing agent to offer professional property advice and to provide a range of relevant services.


We are proud of the total control of financial and property affairs this structure delivers to the 97 apartment owners.


For more information on leasehold, go to THE RC LIBRARY [4-3]. For more on who we are and what we do, click here.




Riverside Court stands between the River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Look one way and see canal boats: look the other and spot Grey Heron. Salts Mill is our neighbour as is the magical Roberts Park.


Walkers, joggers and bikers enjoy the towpath next door, and sports venues only five minutes away welcome footballers, cricketers, crown green bowlers and tennis players - and a little further on, rowers.

Five minutes walk into the heart of our fascinating village, the rail station offers an excellent service. Leeds and Bradford are 20 minutes or less away, and the Yorkshire Dales are easily accessed. Along with excellent bus and road networks, this makes Saltaire super-connected.


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